City Council votes unanimously to repeal ordinance 62-14

UPDATE: JUNE 16, 2014

City council votes unanimously to repeal ordinance 62-14!

We still await word on whether sufficient valid signatures were turned in June 9 on the petition to repeal 130-14, which was a substantively identical ordinance to 62-14 that was passed by council even before the City Clerk had determined whether the petition to repeal 62-14 was valid or not.

On June 9, we turned in 3711 signatures on the petition to repeal 130-14;  3, 209 valid signatures are required. The city clerk has 30 days to determine whether sufficient valid signatures were obtained on the second petition.

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Repeal 6214 for  updates!


The 2 documents you’ll need to collect signatures can be downloaded by clicking on the bold green text below:

1. Here is a file with instructions on how to correctly gather signatures. Please read it before you start collecting!

2. Here is the petition itself, along with a copy of the full ordinance* that was passed by the Columbia City Council on May 19, 2014. When you are gathering signatures, you must carry  one complete copy of ordinance 130-14 with you so people can  read it if they wish. The ordinance has been reduced in size so it prints on 7 pages rather than the original 28. Type is about the size of what you’d see in a phone book (remember those?)

You don’t need to have the full ordinance with every petition, so if you want to print out more than one copy of the petition itself, just tell your printer to print only page 1.

* Here is a copy of the full ordinance at regular type size –warning, it’s 28 pages long!

Check the Repeal6214 Facebook page for updates and information about notary parties and where you can turn in notarized petitions.

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